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20 Free Printables To Put Up on Your Wall This Summer

20 Free Printables To Put Up on Your Wall This Summer

These amazing free printables have been made by an amazing designer and a Square Dust member at

The Square Dust team insisted on keeping these free (pay-what-you-want) and asked the designer to share it with the world. After much negotiation, we decided we’ll do it. And, not just this once, but also in the future. So, stay updated with our posts to grab the next set of free printables.

Well, like all good things, this has a catch. It’s only available free for the first 500 downloads. So, better get downloading before they run out. You can also find these here: and on gumroad.

Liven up your home, workspace, or office.

These free printables have 10 High Quality A4 PDF files, with two versions each (black and white). They are beautifully designed and can be put up in your workspace, office, home, and even bedroom. And, all you need is a printer. Stay tuned for such goodies. Sign up for our newsletter here.

Download the files by clicking the image above or by clicking here.

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