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4 Ways Good Design Can Double Your Business

4 Ways Good Design Can Double Your Business

It’s a major challenge for designers and agencies to help their clients understand the huge potential impact of designing and branding on their business. A deep conceptualization, a kickass strategy, effective copywriting, and a world-class design. While the agency takes care of the creative side of things and the client is focused on the bottom line and profits, there are things which show results in the long term and the client might want to scrap them. However, any good business person will know the importance of a great design in making a business successful. Hence, it’s a designers prime duty to help the client understand the huge ways design impacts his business.

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Design increases conversions.

Did you know why most restaurants use the colors Red, Brown, and Yellow in their interiors, logos, and basically anything that has to do with their brand? It’s psychology. The colors Red, Yellow, and Brown are associated with food and hunger. They increase your appetite. In the same way, other colors have their own psychological impacts which drives sales in their own domains.

Great designers always keep this in mind before they start to design for a client. And, many people fail to realize how psychologically persuading a good design is. Where does the viewer look first on the page? Which particular emotions do the colors, photos, and the fonts evoke? How strongly is the main message being communicated? A good design can persuade the viewers to BUY even if they don’t need the client’s product.


Design Increases Visibility and Recall

Visibility is the single most important thing in any campaign. The more people know about your business, the more likely they are to buy from you or get your service. And the best campaigns gets the most sales only if it stands out from the rest. It has to bring the brand above and over all the noise and clutter that the competition is having and grab the attention of the customer and seduce him into holding on to it.

It all depends on what you require from your campaign. Whether you’re targeting teenagers for a cola brand, or you’re persuading 30s something for a handmade shirt product company. It all comes down to your client’s priorities and accordingly design should be made compelling enough to stand out and stick to the customers’ mind for a long time. Think about the ads you see in the newspaper. There are some who make an emotional connection with you and stick in your head, while 90% of them go unnoticed. The client’s business needs to be in the 10%.

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Design reinforces your message.

You can communicate a single message in variety of ways. You may just put it out on a classified ad in a daily newspaper, or you could give a full page ad. Whatever it is, it’s important to remember that the customer is always in a rush. The customer has a lot on his plate and has no time to go through your ad. But, there’s one thing that can make him pause, stop, read. And that is good design.

A good design sets you apart like a sexy car stands out in a traffic jam. Everyone notices. Everyone wants to see closely. And most importantly, everyone remembers. A good design can make an unforgettable impact on the customer and that is powerful in many ways for a business.


Design communicates your brand.

What would Apple be without its minimal designs on its ads, packaging, UI, website, and basically everything. Nothing. Amazing brands speak the same language across different platforms. Which is to say that great brands have a common thread in their designs and that’s what makes them unbeatable and unforgettable. If you’re not paying enough attention to your brand and the design that communicates it, you’re just wasting the client’s money and time. You need to give the client’s business a personality, and make your designs in line with them.

So, it’s important for clients to understand the major positive impact good design can make to their business. And, as a designer, it’s your duty to help the client understand it. In some cases, a simple repositioning / redesigning of client’s business results in a massive turnover relative to the previous years.

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