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Psychological Tricks To Get People to Like You Instantly

Psychological Tricks To Get People to Like You Instantly

1. If you’d like help carrying things…

Just keep talking while handing people things if you need a little extra muscle. Many people will automatically take it without thinking (though some people won’t, so be prepared for that, too — especially if you’re doling out valuables).
2. If you want to get information out of someone…

Ask someone the hard-hitting questions, even if you know they’ll try to get away with half-hearted answers. To break down that wall, maintain eye contact and remain silent for a few seconds when they finish speaking. The person will usually continue talking until they eventually get to what you want to hear. Keep in mind, though, that they might feel irritated if you try this, and they’ll catch on if you do it too much. (Oh, and you may want to limit it to people you know well.)
3. If you want to influence someone’s word choice…

Whenever the person you’re talking to says the word or words you’re looking for, smile or give some kind of nonverbal positive affirmation. They’ll start saying that word much more frequently.
4. If you want to get that earworm out of your head…

Can we also talk about how gross the term “earworm” is? Anyway, if you’ve got a song stuck in your head, you’re likely only thinking of the middle portion on a loop. To get it out, try thinking of the end of the song to give your mind closure. It’ll trick your brain into moving on to the next thing (and hopefully the next thing isn’t yet another Katy Perry song).
5. If you want to win rock, paper, scissors…

Before you throw, ask your opponent a question, then go right into the “rock, paper, scissors” chant. They’ll almost always defensively throw scissors. Keep in mind that this might only work once or twice before they start catching on.
6. If you want people to like you right away…

Make sure your hand is warm when you go in for the handshake. It’s way nicer than a cold handshake and will make you seem more likable from the start. It’s also a good idea to subtly mimic their gestures and posture. It’s been shown to build trust.
7. If you want to spot a creeper…

An easy way to tell if someone is watching you is to make yourself yawn, then see if anyone around you is also yawning. Yawning is contagious, so they’ll likely yawn, as well, if they’ve been watching you.
8. If you want to sound even wiser than usual…

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People will take your advice more seriously if you make it sound like it comes from someone older, specifically your father or some other paternal figure.
9. If you want those kids to eat their veggies…

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(First of all, broccoli is delicious if you don’t boil it to death, so try not boiling it to death first.) If that doesn’t work and you have a picky eater on your hands, try offering them the option of two or five pieces of broccoli — or whatever the offending food is. You’ve already established they’ll be eating it, and they’ll feel like they’re in control by getting to pick the amount.
10. If you want to break through the crowd…

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Instead of looking for a less populated pathway right in front of you, look in the direction you want to go and point yourself that way. People will instinctively get out of your way, as they tend to watch others’ eyes and body language to determine their direction. You’ll do this, too, and then making your way through the crowd will be easy peasy.
11. If you want to avoid confrontation…

Step into that upcoming staff meeting and sit yourself down right next to the person you think might lay into you. It’s awkward to be aggressive towards someone sitting so close (for most people, anyway), so chances are, they’ll be less confrontational.
12. If you want people to agree with you…

Nod your own head while asking a question if you want the other person to go along with what you’re saying. The other person will be more inclined to agree when they see that gesture, and may begin nodding, as well.
If you’re going to use these tricks, remember to do so responsibly — and for the love of adorable baby kittens, don’t be too obvious about it!

This article originally appeared on Quora, by C Lokesh Reddy. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.