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The Terrible State of Design in India

The Terrible State of Design in India

Today, we’ll bleed together. Get your band-aid.

Today, we are going to introduce you to a new term that’s going to change how you look at things around you. How you experience the life flowing around you when you’re outside, drinking that Starbucks coffee. Just everything. It’s going to change.

You know how Delhi stands at being the number one city in the world as far as air-pollution is concerned. Well, we had to be number one at something, right? And, seriously, what’s easier than polluting our air?

But, there’s another kind of pollution no one talks about. No one’s probably ever heard of it either, actually. And, India probably tops that list, as well. Any guesses which pollution we’re talking about?

Get Rid of Visual Pollution | Square Dust

Visual Pollution.

Look around you. The big banners, the local stores’ sign boards, the damn local restaurant’s pamphlets that are carefully sneaked into our newspapers. It’s all a whole load of bullshit. And, we’re not talking about the pamphlets themselves. We’re talking about the graphic design. The lack of beauty and visual appeal. That’s what we call visual pollution.

Oh, and how could we forget the websites. The damn worthless websites that could make the visitor have suicidal thoughts. You’ll be surprised to know that over 90% of indian websites are running on designs that are over a decade old. Yes! More than 10 year old designs are still in use!

Okay, we’re calming down.

Thanks to new-age companies and stores like the Cocoberry, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. They are raising the bar for every business out there. With design standards that strive to match the standards of companies based out of Silicon Valley, these companies are pushing the Indian growth story forward.

Snapdeal FlipKart | Square Dust

People are tired. They don’t want to do business with crappy companies any more. They don’t care if a restaurant is serving them the best dish in the city, if it’s not presented properly (well, unless it’s street food; then it’s a different story).

The design makes or breaks your relationship with your client. Be it your logo, website, ads, or whatever the hell. If you’re not presenting yourself decently, it’s hurting your business in more ways than you can ever imagine.

But, fortunately, that’s not supposed to be the case any more. You see, any time the evil forces rise in this world, there’s a hero who rises up to the occasion to save it. So, here’s Square Dust. Your hero.

You want more sales? Get a great design. You want the customer / client to be loyal to you and never leave you? Build an amazing brand. You want the client to love you. Give him value.

And value starts with how you present yourself. Enough said.

Register for free, today. Square Dust is now open to all. Mail to and get first 3 hours of free design time. Stop bleeding, be wise, look great. Start now.

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