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What's The Wedding Project?

More than everything about weddings.

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Insanely Creative Concepts

We observe concepts worldwide. Jaimala themes and what not. Choose the most amazing ones. And, create a bunch of mindblowing concepts of your own.

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Amazing Pre-wedding Videos

Our team will give you a bunch of templates to choose from. Get in touch with us at to know more.

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Jaw-dropping Wedding Websites

Websites can be an amazing experience on their own, we'll show you how. Check one of our customized amazing wedding website here.

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Anything and Everything Post-wedding

Home Decor, Wall decor, and every other creative thing. A whole frickin range of things that you'll instantly fall in love with!

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Free Personal (and fun) Wedding Assistant

When getting married, there'll be tonnes of stuff you'll want that your friends won't be able to help you with. Call or email us, personally. We'll help.

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… And Everything Else You Can Imagine

We are the of weddings. Anything and everything you will need, you will get. Period.

Breath-taking Love Websites

When you'll see our work, the love and effort that has went into each wedding website, every other website will seem like a bad joke.

Your love story needs an awesome presentation. Something that gives the experience of a lifetime for each of your friends and family members, aka guests. It's more than just an invitation. And better not have any website than to have those cheap ones.
Your love deserves better. (Wedding websites can be password protected, and we keep the websites confidential unless the client has allowed us to share the link)

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Amazing Wedding Concepts

We bet you would be amazed with at least more than 90% of our concepts that we share on our Facebook page. And, anything you like, we provide them too :)

From invitation concepts, to wedding ring proposals, to clay models of the bride and groom. We'll help you with ANYTHING and everything that's related to weddings. Just get in touch and let us know what you want. We'll kill it, for you!

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Free Personal Assistance

Have a doubt, want something arranged, or just want some wedding-related ideas? Get in touch with us and we'll respond immediately (or within 24 hours).

  • Absolutely Free.
  • Each request is our top priority
  • Always listening to our followers


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