Finding good stuff to eat shoudldn't be that difficult, right? Especially when we know how dangerous junk food is and, despite that, how it's nearly ubiquitous.

We are building towards a world where nutrition trumps all else. With how we are surrounded by billions of food items that are not good for our health, and it's a tedious task to get stuff that's actually going to serve your body and mind for a long time, we feel incredibly motivated to make the healthy stuff more accessible and widespread (and yum, of course) for everyone who comes in contact with our company.


We ALL love to be physically active, with fun activities, walks in nature, hiking, and things of that sort.

Yet, we find it absolutely normal to breathe polluted air, sit at our work-desks perpetually, and have little to no workout regimen.

Gym is great. But, we are working to build a world where fitness, work, and careers, don't have such boundaries. We want to set standards for an amazing work culture, delivering exceptional value to our clients, and at the same time, making a life that's complete with deep fulfilment and happiness.


Despite the disruptive changes in the technology and the world we live in, we're still sticking to old ways of teaching. And, we believe, that the current state of education doesn't prepare students for the world. And, are absolutely inept at making kids and students succeed at life. They add great value, sure. But, education is ripe for disruption.

We're building towards an educated society, that gives more value to fulfilment and meaning in life, than how rich one is or their status in the society.

At the end of it all, we all wanna make this world a better place for each other, and live a life of fulfilment and purpose. We're building towards that to be a major undercurrent of our current state of education. With new skills taking more emphasis and embracing the uniqueness of each kid.

The Environment

A 2019 study done by MIT says that, in the next 80 years, Earth will lose its distinct blue-green colour. The effect of climate change on 'Phytoplankton', tiny sea creatures that give our planet it's vibrant blue and green hues, will be the reason for the change.

It's time we sound the alarm bell. And, for that reason, we're working to build a world that sustainable and protects the world's environment for the future generations to come and ensure it's vibrant ecosystem stays healthy.

We're working to revamp this world that would make aliens (if they exist) on the other planets jealous.

Senior Citizens

By 2050, 2.1 Billion people will be 60 or over. That'd be roughly 21% of the world population. But, with little to no infrastructure to take care of them, we doubt if we're doing enough for them right now. And, going forward, we don't expect much change either.

So, we're working with all the fire inside of us to ensure every single person discovers their life meaning and lives a purposeful life. So, even when they grow beyond 60, or 80, or even 100, they have enough drive in them to make the world better.

And our job, right now, is to equip them with their true self awareness. We're building a world where no senior citizen is living a life without fulfilment and clueless about where life (or their children) will take them next. We're putting control back in their life.

We're on it.